Cage Company...
                                    Building homes around your animal!
We take great pride is selling only the best custom built cages!
Cage Company assures you that your cage  will be of quality craftsmanship.
Your cage is safe for you & your pet!
We are available for any questions or comments, and
We will do my best to answer your  question/comment effectively and with the utmost efficiency.
Please allow time for construction seeing that:Cage Company's cages are built to order!
Custom Built Cages For: Reptiles, Snakes, Tarantualas, Frogs, Fish, Salamanders, Birds and more!
.Cage Company is not just about building cages, it's about building a home. Creating a habitat that provides a comfortable healthy secure environment for your animal, an enclosure that can assist in improving your pet’s health and sense of well being and will increase longevity. We build your terrarium so that you when you introduce your reptile it will feel like home, while having a vivarium that looks beautiful and attractive in yours !      
Your pets cage will be of, Natural solid wood with beautiful grain variations.
With your choice of stain and our wood grain variations
we assure you your home for your pet will be one of a kind.

Cage Includes:
*Glass front door opening, easy access into your pets home!
*Self-closing hinges, allowing for your pet to be securely enclosed in his/her home!
*All wood sides, keeping in heat, and giving your pet a sense of security!
*Heavy mesh screen top, allowing for your light to go directly on the screen worry free!

Your pets home will be humidity and moisture resistant.  There is a 2" - 3 " raise to the bottom of cage this prevents substrate from falling out when you open your door.

Please note: If you are looking to make changes in your pets home, please contact us and we will give you the correct invoiced price quote as soon as possible.

You will be proud to show off your pets home, we GUARANTEE IT!
  We are here for you, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!!       
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* All Natural Solid Wood Cages
* Glass front door opening
* Self-closing hindges for pet security
* Heavy mesh screen top for direct lighting
* Easy to clean
* Looks like furniturext.
* Humidity and moisture resistant
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